24 Hour Theater III
The Adults Only 24 Hour!

Writers' lockdown 11pm - July 29th
Live performance July 30th

(Following Hedwig & The Angry Inch)

On Friday, July 29th, we once again locked five local playwrights into our theater with nothing but caffeine, computers and sweet, sweet inspiration to sustain them for the next seven hours. When dawn broke, we were the proud parents of five new, original works!

Only ... this time it was a little different.
No restrictions.

This special edition of "Adult's Only" 24 Hour Theater wasn't about creating five new plays full of gratuitous nudity and simulated sex (not that there's anything wrong with that). Instead, we wanted to give the playwrights and the actors a chance create works without any restrictions beyond the five common elements provided. Encouraging them to be provocative, ribald and quite probably offensive to people with delicate sensibilities. The writers ...

Joe Dunham


Jeremy Gable


Darcy Hogan


Christopher Spencer
Brandon Kasper

Each writer drew a script element from a hat ... a setting, a prop, a character, a line of dialogue, then a sound cue. Once all five elements were drawn, the writers were charged with finding a way to incorporate them into a brand new script. The elements were drawn from a pool of prompts collected anonymously on this website! That's right ... YOU can submitted your ideas for props, settings, dialogues, characters, and sounds. The writers were completely at your mercy! The elements drawn were:

PROP: A copy of "The Recycler"
SETTING: Hogwarts
DIALOGUE: "It's got to be special"
SOUND CUE: The first few strains of AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long"

The writers will had 7 hours to complete their original script with all five elements in place. After seven hours of comraderie, writing, swearing, smoking, and several Coronas ... at 7am, five new scripts were rushed off to Kinkos.

At 8am our directors arrived to read the scripts, and at 9am a crack crew of actors joined in to help us cast, rehearse and tech our new little bundles of joy over the course of the day. Following the performance of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch, on Saturday, July 30th, we presented the world premiere of five new plays. We also presented a staged reading of Chris Spencer's The Play That Will Never See The Light of Day (which was our inspiration for this special adults-only theme.)

And the plays written were (WARNING: Adult Content!) ...

A one-woman tour of the "Heart of Gold Women
Artist Reform and Treatment Society".

A wizard wannabe answers a "master's" misleading
personal ad, believing that Hogwarts' biker
bar is … a much more magical place.

A female couple buys a cemetery plot …
for the pastor who molested them as children.

Jim's dead brother comes back to warn him of
the dangers inherent in the life he's chosen.

chris_243.gif (10261 bytes)

Susan Lucci struggles to transform a raging cunt
into a mere snobby bitch in this hysterical cross between
The Excorcist and The Miracle Worker.